Asleep in My Chair

I’m pretty sure I talked about falling asleep in my office chair at the end of every post I wrote this week. Today, I fell asleep before I wrote the post.

Why is this damn chair so comfortable and inviting?

Anyway, the work I fell asleep in the middle of is still waiting for me in another window. I have to finish that before I can relocate to my bed, but I keep nodding off, so I take breaks to wake myself up with Reddit and writing this.

We’re leaving for Oregon tonight. As most of you probably know, we drive straight shot 20 hours from LA to Corvallis, and this time we’re bringing the cat as well as the dog. It’s a long story that I’ll probably tell you all tomorrow. But I’m legitimately worried about my ability to keep my shit together. Sleep is obviously not something that’s been a regular part of my life for awhile.


Or, you know, we’ll drive off a cliff.