Ask Marina: Illicit Advice

WARNING: Continuing to read this post is not advised for children or the faint of heart. I assume that, based on the themes that have been on this blog in the past, you are aware of the dangers. The following has language regarding kinky sex in a very uncomfortable place… and not the back of a Volkswagen.

An ornately painted classic volkswagen bug
This picture is here so you’ll have to scroll down, hopefully it keeps grandma from catching a bad word. I don’t want any shit. Oops.

As you may know, I sometimes give advice to various citizens of the Internet. What follows is a question and answer that I was particularly proud of, so I transported it here for your viewing pleasure.

Q: My endless ocean of beauty and the sublime:

This is one of those pleas for help that I can’t dress up with pleasantries and amusing colloquialisms, so I best just lay it down straight for you, Marina, my dear.

I want to fuck my boyfriend in the ass. How do I go about persuading him to let me?

This request isn’t coming completely from left field. We’ve used fingers/butt plugs on him previously. But pegging is on my bucket list and it drives me all sorts of wild just thinking about it, especially with him. So, how do I go about it? Where’s best to bring it up and how do I best convince the dear lad to get on all fours?




Ah.. young love. First of all, a lot of men regard the butt as the last frontier (reartier?). I know that the image of your loved one squirming on the end of your purple impaler is one of beauty and power, but with great plastic phallus comes great responsibility.

If he seems reluctant at all, don’t push it. It’s obvious he likes butt play, there’s a good chance that he’ll come around in time. For most men, there are a lot of walls between liking a person and getting fucked in the ass by them. There has to be a level of trust, especially for the first time, and that’s not something to be careless about.

As for bringing it up, that’s the easy part. After you’ve seen clear to put the physical and emotional safety of your partner above your throbbing cunt, the rest is cake. How did you bring up the fingers in the ass, or the butt plug before?

Butt fucking is fun, bring it up in fun context. Slip it into some before sex dirty talk. Make sure that the first time it’s brought up, you’re physically there to gauge his reaction- so not dirty txts or phone sex. If he seems really into it, press onward, if it looks like a boner killer, tuck it under your hat and bring it up later in a low pressure environment.

Like most new sexual frontiers, at some point the discussion should move to a place where you’re both not about to cum. Don’t be too eager, let him know that although it really turns you on, his safety and comfort is your priority. And if he wants you to drop it, drop it. Sometimes you don’t get to ass fuck this one.

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