appendix A

A small supplement to the journal entry of March 7, 10:58am

The wacked out Chinese restaurant: This wasn’t really a restaurant at all, more like a sandwich shop on asian crack. It had screens that shouted out the order number for pick-up, and a booth that sold weird, cream-filled pastries shaped like corn, and for every dollar you spend, you got 5 minutes of internet time, on the computers along the south wall (which is when I updated my journal). Trippy as fuck. Oh, and the burning in my chicken feed sandwich was a combination of raw ginger and these fucked-up pepperoncinies that looked like mini bell peppers.

The willowtree in: This place was such a piece of crap. There were a few dozen places where you could tell that people had put holes in the walls, and the owner had just spread some plaster over it, no sweat. Also the carpet was sticky and had this really strange topography, there were lumps and hills and even some sort of ramp. As we were leaving we passed what could have only been a real live crack whore standing in the open doorway of one of the rooms.

afterward: So we left the sandwich shop and halfway to cypress I had to pee, so we stopped at the long beach shopping center, and I ran into jenny, who I haven’t seen in forever, so we exchanges new numbers coz I had to be at the meeting and she was on her lunch break, but that was a trip and a half. I haven’t seen her since before the truck broke down.
When we finally got to the meeting, there was all this good food, and I ate sooooooooooo much, I was so happy, I could have died. The end. (somehow, I got back to the dorm, fell asleep for a good three hours, took a shower, saw ben for a bit, and now I’m going back to sleep.)