An Oil Change and a Memorial. Oh, and Work

Tomorrow (today if you’re reading this hot off the servers) is going to be a very busy day.

I’m up and out of the house by 6:30 so I can get to the mechanic’s by 7 for my oil change. Then it’s off to work, which will be immediately followed by a drive down to San Diego for Rhiane’s memorial. I’m going to stay over in SD Friday night and head back the next day.

I almost didn’t go because I’m short on money, but I get paid on Monday, and I think it’s important.

Since Friday I’ve had so many mood swings. I get sad, I cheer up, I think I’m doing pretty good, then I think I’m a failure. Trying to gear down and not work so damn hard on everything is actually making me almost as crazy as all that overwork made me before.

I also happen to be having a majorly bad bit of TMJ right now. It feels like somebody stomped on my face.

Ugh. Goodnight.