A Rant About Charity PR

Is anyone else bothered by the wierd-ass thing that Hollywood is doing with Africa right now?

I just saw the cover of July’s Vanity Fair, and this is some shit. The (red) campaign really bothers me.

These white people go to Africa, take their babies as accessories and then come back to America, pose for pretentious pictures where they wear fake “war paint” and “authentic” tribal jewelry and pose with African Americans (Americanized Africans) on the covers of shitty consumer-culture magazines, all to prove what point?

I just need to know how many AIDS mothers are able to take their meds because of this cover-shot of Brad Pitt and Desmond Tutu right now, and how many more AIDS mothers could have the money that was used for this bullshit (GAP) ad campaign was given to MERC pharma