A Few of My Favorite Things

So today Ben’s mom was telling us how the guy who murdered firefighters Michael Chiapperini and Tomasz Kaczowka and wounded Joseph Hofstetter and Theodore Scardino in New York left a note saying that he wanted to “do what I like doing best, killing people,” which inspired us to make a list of things we like doing best.

  • Being warm under the covers when the air is cold outside
  • Drinking a truly good cup of coffee
  • The feeling of being completely jacked into a project
  • A well cooked steak
  • Good food in general
  • Having multiple orgasms
  • Picking a giant fucking booger out of my nose
  • Napping in the sun
  • Diving into cool water on a 100+ degree day
  • Finding a book so good you want to read it at stop lights
  • Conversations on the Internet that make me feel better about humanity instead of worse
  • Living dangerously
  • This bunny
  • Mabel from Gravity Falls
  • And killing people… in video games

Aw crap, it’s Dec. 31st and I’m sitting here adding this to all my posts because I said I’d have it here until the end of the year and I didn’t. I suck I know. Still, support Planned Parenthood because they’re amazing and the things they do are awesome.