a fairytale I wrote that I really really like

Once upon a time there was a girl made out of sunlight, and she lived by herself in a great big field. She slept under the stars, and played in the flowers and woke up to the bird’s song every single day. But in the forest near the field there was a monster made of shadows, and one terrible night, that monster, it came out into the field and it dug a deep deep hole, which it softly placed the girl in, and it covered up with rocks. That morning the girl awoke, but she didn’t hear the birds, and she couldn’t see the sky, and she knew that she had done something very very bad to be cut off from the birds, and blinded from the clouds, but she picked herself up, and she said to herself “self” (she said) “We’re going to get back to those birds if it’s the last thing we do”, and she took her little hands, snd she started digging out. Those little hands got bigger as she continued growing up, and she grew stronger, and she got tougher but she never ever forgot the beauty of the sky or the sweet song of the birds until one great day, her hard, rough hand broke through the surface of the field, and she knew that she had made it and the monster hadn’t won. But as she climbed out of the hole that she had lived in for so long, the screeching of the birds pierced her sensitive ears, and the brightness of the sky blinded her tender eyes, racking her dirty head with a tremendous, stabbing pain so that she turned herself around and she jumped back in that hole just as quick as she possibly could. And when she couldn’t see the sky, and she couldn’t hear the birds, she realized the truth that had eluded her all along: The monster won the second that he put her in that hole. And all those years under the ground, and every pile of soil she moved had made her a little less like sunshine and a little more like dirt, and by the time she broke the surface, she had entirely become a hard, rough, blackened piece of coal. Unsuited for the world that she once knew, the little girl turn around and started digging down, to await the day that all that dirt would turn her to a diamond, and everyone knows that diamonds are the things no one can hurt.