8 Things Assholes Say

“I don’t think you get how this works.”

“I can’t pay for the work, but it’ll be great exposure.”

“That rude and shitty thing I said was obviously a joke. Obviously.”

“You probably wouldn’t understand.”

“It’s all the _______s fault” <-- insert bigoted bullshit scapegoat community here, from Mexicans to Millennials.

*Just a friendly reminder that you should never assume a woman is pregnant.

*And another friendly reminder that how people look isn’t your business to comment on. However insightful your input may be.

6 Replies to “8 Things Assholes Say

    1. That’s some shit. I got “I’ll give you something to cry about.” Which never made any sense. I’m already crying. Why would you give me something else that’s going to make me cry?

    1. That is some shit. What they really mean is “were looking for someone who will do more work than we pay them to and act happy to do it, even when we fail to promote or reward them know any way.” Learned my lesson on that one.

  1. Oh yea, and – righteousness of the early riser,
    I walk away
    I walk away saying Fuck rite off in my head, over& over..
    They my have been up 4 hours earlier than me , but I’m late and not in the mood for an morning morning standoff

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