You Made Me Do This

1. We both suffer from that special kind of insomnia where you’re not sure if you do a lot because you can’t sleep, or if you can’t sleep because you do too much.

Personally, I like to think of myself as having a sort of invisible accomplishment meter that starts empty every morning, and has to be filled by the end of the day or I can’t get any sleep. Now that I’ve written it down, I feel that it seems a little crazy. Oh Well.

2. We have a flair for the dramatic.

Possibly because of my overwork, I tend to have strong feelings about things, and I don’t see the point of hiding this. Well, the issue is more that I am unable to hide this, and less that I don’t see a problem with it. But let’s pretend this was on purpose.

3. We’re both funny feminists.

4. Our sense of fashion is… not for everyone.

5. But our dedication to good food should be commended.

6. We’ve had our share of terrible relationships.

7. And we both have awesome men named Ben.

Ben has been very extremely nice to me through this whole unemployment thing, especially since I have been a complete emotional jumping bean. One second I’m full of confidence and excited about the future, the next I’m a ball of tears and rage, completely convinced that nothing I do will ever work out.

Which makes this next item a little counter-intuitive, but I admit…

8. Sometimes we can be a little bit arrogant.

9. It’s just hard to be humble with this much awesome going on.

I know I’ve been having a bad time lately, but seriously. I’m pretty great.

Leslie too.