What I Wore: Red Tide

This would have been a better title if I was on my period.

Anyway, on to the outfit.

Our cat, Medusa came out to see what all the fuss was about.

I just tied on my wrap-around skirt like an apron, so my other skirt was visible from the back.

Close-up on the scarf

Pretending to be Batman, as usual.

A good look at the underthings.

Brown scarf is from Macy’s in Portland. I bought it because we were visiting and it was freezing, and I popped into Macy’s to see if I could find something to put around my neck, and it was marked down to $20 from $80, and the sales girl was super nice and from California. I think that experience started my romance with Macy’s. I always go in thinking that there’s nothing in the store for me, and I always leave with some new favorite things for a surprisingly low price.

Maroon Pocket Tee from Target
Liz Claiborne button up from a thrift store
Red wrap-around skirt from a little shop on Holly St. in Old Town Pasadena
Underskirt from Mervins
Socks from Target
Shoes are Dansko clogs from REI

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