What I Did Instead of Clean My Garage

So, I wasn’t feeling it at the house this Friday, so I went to Novias in Torrance, and we went to Patti’s to watch Mystic River, I fell asleep, and when the movie was over I woke up and Novia and I went back to her house where I fell asleep again. Saturday, Novia’s mom took us out to breakfast, which was good, and then Novia, her Girlfriend and I cleaned novia’s room, which is sad because my room is so much more of a mess than hers, but it was fun, we made fun of all the empty cigarette boxes she had stashed in there. After that, I got the feeling that they wanted to be alone so, I started driving and ended up in Pasadena, and so I called Ashley. While I waited for her, I hung out in Old Town with a sign that said “NEED $$$ FOR BEER (yum yum)”, which is ironic because I don’t drink. I made $2.37, but I think that this is because I didn’t say anything to people until they said something to me, all the other spangers were holding out their hands and walking up to people. Ashley and her friend were chill, when they got there her friend took the design I was drawing and held it up like it was a begging for money sign too. Although we didn’t do anything, I had fun in Old town, and never go to the Equator hooka bar there, they are always so fucking stuck up, every time I go there. I guess I am just not avaunt guard enough for them. After that, I went home because I was getting hungry. Sheryl and I had a sewing party on Sunday, I made a shirt and a skirt, and started another skirt.

Also, on the way to work today I found myself behind a car that said “pray for america” on the back of it. Anytime I see something like that, I want to have many more and lower gauge (bigger) piercings so I can run out of my car, jump on their hood and start banging the metal in my face against their precious christian windshield.