Twitter Movie Suggestions

I just made a list of movie suggestions on twitter that I rather liked the language in, so I’ll paste them down here and clean them up a little as if I made something new.

If you thought Brick needed more gay rape, Mysterious Skin is in order. You should also read Crooked Little Vein by Warren Ellis.
If you like Mysterious Skin, get other Greg Araki films. Nowhere and The Living End are best. Check out My Best Friend Is a Vampire for 80s lols
Female Perversions with Tilda Swinton for feminist theories as applied to a racy 90s sex flick. Breakfast on Pluto= light hearted modern drag/tranny flick
The Dreamers if you want to feel sad and alone in a sweet way. Desperado if you’re feeling chilly and want indy action flick
Happiness if you want a slice of good old American perversion and depravity with comedic sequences about failed child rape.
Bad Education (spain) is for you’re thinking negatively about old lovers and wanting them to suffer.
Cecil B Demented, Hairspray, Pink Flamingos, Pecker and any thing else by John Waters are good for when you want some lols with your dirty gay movie
City of Lost Children (french) is good on a Sunday night with a blanket and some wine, maybe a joint.
Happy Endings is sweet in the same way that real life can be sweet sometimes.
Old boy (korean) is the most horrible thing you’ll ever see until you see Audition (japanese)
That’s about all I can think of.

What did I leave out? Based on this illustrious list, what would you recommend? I’ve been looking for some new fringe indy cinema and failing at finding any I like.

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