Things Pepper Hates

So Pepper is an awesome dog. She’s really smart, learns easily, and is fun to be with. She truly is a joy to have as a dog, and she graciously continues the trend our pets seem to have of being easy to get along with, and well behaved, but just quirky enough to keep things interesting.

  • She hates bicycles, although that seems to diminish with every one she sees
  • She has the aforementioned snaggle tooth that her lip always gets caught on. It makes her face look lopsided and if you get the right angle, she looks like she’s about to growl, but it’s just her derpy tooth.
  • She is afraid of people with extra stuff. For example she has barked or growled at: A woman in a wheelchair, a man shaking out a rug, and a lady carrying a shelf.
  • Anybody who asks “Is she nice?’ is guaranteed to get growled at, but only after we’ve assured them that she’s a perfect angel.
  • It only took three nonconsecutive days for her to learn that when we stop walking and say something to the effect of “Pepper, fix your leash” it’s time for her to detangle herself from our legs, or whatever else she’s wrapped around.
  • She can jump at least 6 feet high. We know this because today she jumped herself eye level to Ben
  • She will run towards people with abandon, but as soon as they turn around to pet her or reach out to let her sniff them, her ears go back and she beats a hasty retreat.
  • She seems alternately fascinated and terrified of other dogs.She was super excited to meet a couple of Shi Tzus in Petco, but once they were near her she seemed perplexed and horrified by them, even though they were half her height.

Today’s post is pretty short because I’ve had a splitting headache since 2 p.m., and it kind of took everything in me just to keep myself from going straight to sleep after work. I kept trying to get Pepper to do something about it, but leaping over me as I lay prostrate on the bed was not helpful, in fact it was the opposite.

Let’s face it, my dog’s special powers are 90% jumping. The other 10% is derpy tooth.

Anyway, I’m going to bed now.