The Strangest Thing Has Happened

This has been on my mind since it happened, which was about a week ago. My uncle and I were talking on the phone about my grandma’s upcoming West Coast visit, trying to work out logistics. He brought up her wanting to come to Oregon but not really being able to. Her priority there was to see her brother, who refuses to travel anywhere to see anyone at any time. Unlike me who should basically just install a desk in my car at the rate at which I ping all over the state.

Uncle said that he really doesn’t want to visit grandma’s brother, and I agreed. Then I told him about the time grandma’s brother propositioned me for sex, and was a complete shithead when I refused. This is where it gets strange. My uncle actually said that was really fucking creepy of him, and reiterated that nobody would be going near this guy on our visit. I kind of did a double take. Not because of my uncle, he’s usually safe to discuss past trauma with, but because it was such a chill conversation.

This is the exchange people with fucked up families dream about.

Person 1: Someone wants to visit Great Uncle Fuck Me
Person 2: I really don’t want to, he tried to fuck me.
Person 1: That’s real gross, Great Uncle Fuck Me is off the list. Shit our family sucks.

I was actually kind of nervous about grandma’s visit since Great Uncle Fuck Me lives in the same state as me and now I’m not. I’m looking forward to it like any normal granddaughter should. It’s kind of nice.

I’m used to being really up-front with everybody but my family. I usually just avoid family stuff by working instead, but this might be the last time I get to see my grandma in person. So it was important enough to me to be straight with my uncle about my concerns, and that’s really awesome.