The Last Thing

last cigarette: I think it was the third thr=ursday in June, I found a pack in my car and Jono and I smoked what was left of it, and that was the last time I smoked
last car ride: Jonno Tuesday night
last kiss: Chris, over the stick-shifter of my car last time I dropped him off at home
last good cry: November 16th in the very early morning.
last movie seen: Fight Club
last cuss word uttered: probably fuck, I don’t know
last beverage drank: coke
last food consumed: chocolate chip cookie
last celebrity crush: Henry Rollins
last phone call: 30 minutes ago
last tv show watched: seinfield
last time showered: erk.. two days ago? (I know.. I’m going to take one as soon as I turn off the computer)
last shoes worn: Those cute pink high heels with the little flap and the wierd stitching
last cd played: Allen Ginsberg: Holy Soul Jelly Roll
last item bought: Vegie Works Burrito from Del Taco
last downloaded: Indian Summer by Pedro the Lion
last annoyance: This ass in my calc class actually asked the question “One half of what?” of the kid who sits next to me who was hilself answering a question posed by the teacher
last disappointment: I thought I was going to get to find out when my finals are on the internet, but I can’t figure it out
last soda drank: coke
last thing written: update in my livejournal
last word spoken: g’night
last sleep: last night
last im: Jeff
last weird encounter: ?
last ice cream eaten: probably last week
last time amused: Filming my friends movie and making dirty jokes between takes earlier tonight
last time wanting to die: For reals, 7th grade (I think just about everybody wanted to die then, it’s like a rule)
last time in love: my heart is a black vortex of solitude
last underwear worn: black bikini cut panties
last bra worn: My blue lace bra
last shirt worn: My homemade “one term president” shirt
last time dancing: Last time I noticed I was dancing in class, I think and someone immitated me, or I never would have noticed
last poster looked at: My roommates gandhi poster
last show attended: Midsummer night’s dream at glendale theatre
last webpage visited: