Jake and Jessica – The Annihilator – NSFW

Based on the results from last week’s totally awesome poll, you guys wanted to hear about epiphany, explicit sex and a 20-year old cat in that order. So here are the results of my first collaborative fiction experiment. 

“Cover me! ” Jake said as he maneuvered his character forward toward the enemy base.

Jessica laid down covering fire, sparkly purple “HEADSHOT” graphics popping over exploded enemy craniums.

“Seriously, how do you do that?!” Jake asked, crouching behind an unrealistically sturdy munitions crate.

“Studies show that regular gaming can increase hand-eye coordination.” Jes said, moving her character forward along the other side of Jake’s approach. “I think we can flank them”

“Cool” Jake said, concentrating harder on the game while he mirrored Jessica’s movements toward a group of oblivious guards.

The guard’s heads exploded with three quick pops, purple HEADSHOT glitter rained down on their corpses. “You don’t play enough.” Jes said. “Too busy with Tiffany”

“I haven’t talked to Tiffany since July” Jake said, following Jes around the perimeter of the compound.

“Who’s the latest?” Jes asked

“Jordann. With two Ns. But it’s not going to work. She can’t take the annihilator.”

Jessica snorted.

“She said he smells” Jake said

“He does smell.”

“He has a skin condition!” Jake defended his little buddy.

“He also drools” Jessica said and added “in your bed.”

“Yeah. She hated that too.”

“Gross!” Jessica laughed “You let him in your bed with your girlfriend? That’s fucking rude.”

“He got drool in her hair last week. She totally overreacted. He can’t help it” Jake looked down at the growing puddle spreading across his thigh.

“I can’t believe you let that thing in your bed.” Jes said

“He’s been my cat for 20 years! She was only my girlfriend for three weeks!” Jake answered, giving The Annihilator a reassuring pat.

“I was talking about Jordannnnn” Jes drew out the Ns. “Anybody who can’t take a little drool isn’t fit for duty.”

“Besides,” Jake said “It’s not like I let him do anything. He does what he wants and everybody else gets to deal.”

“You need to get the drool under control, though, dude.” Jes said

“I put a towel under his head when company comes over.” Jake’s phone lit up on the futon beside him. “I gotta go”

“Don’t be a fa…”  Jes paused. “Fart knocker.”

“For fucking real, Jessica?” Jake said

“Sorry, I forget sometimes.” Jes answered.

Jake laughed. “I’m signing off. Goodnight fart knocker.” he heard her laughter on the other end of the line as he disconnected from the game and grabbed his phone. It was a text from Amber.

It said “come over?”

“yea” he texted back, already on his way to the shower to get ready.

Amber: successful, ambitious, nymphomaniac older woman. Yes, yes and fuck yes. Also, a redhead. What’s not to love? Jake whistled on the drive over to her condo, thinking of all the things he was about to do to her. She’d been quite clear that their “arrangement” was just sex, and Jake was in heaven.

Jordann, he realized, hadn’t really been his type. Neither had Tiffany, Caroline, Hermosa, Akiko, Geordan, or any of the ones before that. They were all sweet girls, but they weren’t mature and demanding like Amber was. Well, Akiko had been pretty demanding. And so had Hermosa, now that he came to think of it. But not like Amber.

Before her, he’d began to wonder if maybe he hadn’t better spend some time alone and get his head together. He thought that before Jordann as well. He realized that he’d been thinking it a lot lately. Which was another reason the arrangement with Amber was so perfect. He was technically single, but still getting laid. Best of both worlds.

“Awesome.” Amber said after she let him in. “I have about an hour. So you want a beer…. or” She trailed off as Jake started undoing her robe. As usual, she wore nothing underneath but heels. He slipped the robe off her shoulders, appreciating the soft smattering of freckles across her body.

She let the robe fall and looked up at him expectantly. They’d done this three times before, and he was starting to get the idea that she liked her lovers to perform for her. She wanted him to take the initiative, but she was always quick to give an order if the scene wasn’t to her liking.

Fully clothed, Jake considered his next move. He remembered that one or two girls along the line had appreciated sucking his dick while they were naked and he was clothed, but he got the idea that Amber wouldn’t be interested in that. At least not this early in their association.

Flipping the script, he ran his hands down her sides until they rested on her hips. Slowly, he lowered himself to his knees in front of her and pressed his face into the silky hair of her mons. He inhaled, the smell of arousal and freshly cleaned skin tugged on his dick.

“Open your legs” he said, massaging her hips before heading around to the globes of her ass. When she widened her stance, he moved his hands around to the front of her thighs, and her soft abdomen as he admired the view. Pink inner lips had become visible between the folds under her amazing red public hair. Her scent was stronger now, intoxicating. He wanted to throw her on the ground and drink her up, but that could wait. They had an hour, and he intended to make it last.

He leaned forward and up, bringing his nose into direct contact with her clit. Amber’s hands moved over his hair and she pressed herself closer as he moved himself farther under her. He made small nods and circles with his head, lapping at whatever he could reach with his tongue.

The position was awkward for both of them, and after a beat, Amber stepped away and leaned against the back of her leather couch. He followed on his knees, but before he could resume his attentions, she gently placed a single high-heeled shoe on his shoulder, holding him in place. “Take your dick out.” she said.

Dumbstruck by the view, the heel, and the command, Jake looked from her face to her breasts to her clearly aroused sex as he undid the button fly on his jeans. She stared at his crotch and let out a delighted little sigh as the last button came undone. He hadn’t been wearing anything underneath and his dick nearly throbbed as he slid his hand along the length from base to tip, pulling the foreskin back on the return.

“Keep jacking” Amber said. The shoe on his shoulder increased its pressure and Jake had to push against her to stay upright. He grunted and continued the slow slide of his hand. Imagining what she was seeing, he looked up into her eyes. They were dull with need. He took ahold of the ankle of the foot that held him and kissed the inside, sliding the foot over his shoulder and behind his back as he inched forward. When he was within range, he pursed his lips and blew cold air across her exposed inner lips.  Amber moaned, and used the same leg that had held him at bay only a moment before to push him forward, face first into her slit.

Tired of the slow tease, Jake grabbed her upper thighs with both hands and used the couch as a fulcrum to angle her backwards. Flattening his tongue, he dragged one long lick from vagina to clit, undulating against the sensitive area before kissing it with delicacy. As he worked, he could hear Amber making soft, needy moans. At what he judged to be the height of her anticipatory arousal, he slipped two fingers inside of her and ran their tips along the front of the vaginal wall, massaging her clit from the front with his tongue, and from the back with his fingers.

Arousal slicked his fingers, hand, nose, mouth and chin and he swallowed as much of her as he could. He was painfully hard with need for her, but he could tell she was close, and he increased in both speed and force as her moans turned to shouts over his head. A shaking that seemed to originate at every point in Amber’s body rolled over him as she came. He removed his fingers, but maintained a slow, soft licking, until the last of the tension drained from her.

Jake became aware of the stiffness in his neck as he relaxed his muscles. His knees were killing him, so he gingerly laid himself against the carpeted floor. His unattended dick lolled half-hard against his stomach. He started to reach for it, but instead realized that Amber had pitched backward onto the couch in her post-orgasmic langor. All he could see were her two shapely calves draped across the back, one shoe hanging off her toes, the other fallen on the floor. Jake tucked his hands behind his head, and waited for her to recover. He smiled at how such a put together woman could be so completely incapacitated.

Slowly, Amber stirred on the couch. She dropped the other shoe off her foot, and, rearranging herself, peeked her head over the back of the couch. Her beautiful red hair was a halo of wispy tangles.

“Oh my God.” she said.

Jake only smiled.

“Did you cum?” she asked

Jake shook his head, and she disappeared behind the other side of the couch for a second. When she came towards him, she was holding a condom. She settled herself on top and began to kiss him slowly. She licked his lip and then her own.

“I can taste myself.” she said. “It turns me on.”

Jake felt his cock, erect again, press against the back of her thigh. Amber leaned against it as she kissed her way down his neck and then reached back to stroke him. Before too long, his breath came in shallow gasps, and she repositioned herself behind his dick, keeping up the motion with one hand while she used her teeth to tear open the condom package. She rolled the latex down his shaft and followed it with her body, pressing his dick into the slick heat of her. She leaned forward again, sliding upwards on his length to kiss his mouth. Jake guided her hips with one hand, setting the rhythm as his climax built. Her hair, still mussed from earlier, fell into her face as she rode, one hand on his chest for balance, the other gripped her own breast. Jake was riveted by the sight of her thumb rubbing back and forth across her peachey nipple. The braizzon abandon with which she fucked herself on his dick sent him over the edge and he thrust up into her, lifting them both off the floor with his force. She tottered with the sudden change, but held on through their mutual orgasm before collapsing, first over his chest, but then on her back next to him. .

“Thank you” she whispered. “That was exactly what I needed.”

“You’re… welcome.” Jake wasn’t sure if he’d ever been thanked for sex.

“Do you want to use the shower here… or?” She asked, getting up.

“No,” he said, disposing of the condom. “I’ve got to get going anyway.”

Once outside, he called Jessica.

“What?” She answered.

“I think I just had the best sex of my young life.” Jake said.

“You’re almost thirty.”

Ignoring her rude remark, he asked “can I bounce something off you?”


“What kind of guy has the best sex of his life and then feels sad about it?” Jake asked.

Jessica sighed. “Dude. I have no idea.”

“Jessica.” Jake said.

“Okay. Fuck. Okay”

He could hear her sitting up . He hadn’t thought about how late it was. She was probably already in bed.

“Are you gay?” She asked.

“No, you are.” Jake said. “Besides, I think I’m having the opposite problem.”

“You’re certainly having some kind of problem” Jessica said.

“When is having great sex with a beautiful woman not enough for a guy?” Jake asked

“When he should be having great sex with two beautiful women!” Jessica answered cockily.

Jake sighed.

“Look” Jessica said. “I’ve been getting this a lot lately. People think that because I’m a girl I have some greater insight into the human condition and that’s fucking sexist. I just want to play video games, drink beer and eat pussy. Call me when you need some insight into that.” And then she hung up.

‘Shit.’ he thought. ‘My life is empty.’

To add insult to injury, when he got home The Annihilator was dead.

Chapter 2 – The Annihilator is Dead
Chapter 3 – It Was a Good Day
Chapter 4 – The Jake Must Go On
Chapter 5 – A Daring Rescue
Chapter 6 – Sweet Brothings
Chapter 7 – Girl Talk

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