The 5:30 Blues

First, look at how adorable this is:

They fell asleep like this with the light on.

The dog is actually awake in that picture, but they were both totally asleep before I tried to document the adorbs.

Anyway, this is going up on Friday, which will be the end of the very first week of my freelancing life, and there are some things I have discovered about myself. I miss my co-workers so much more than I thought I would, and will probably start either having the radio on more, or going to acceptable public places like Starbucks and the library to work, because I start to feel kind of lonely. Also, every day around 5:30, which is when I decided my work day would end, but that has really not been the case so far (hello from 11:30 p.m.), I get pretty down in the dumps and need to be reminded of the good things I’m accomplishing and not just all the stuff I didn’t get to.

I have this very false expectation that I’m supposed to be elated all the time now, and it’s not good for my health because when I start to feel disappointed at the disparity between my reality and my goals, I get upset about my lack of joy on top of already being disappointed by my lack of accomplishment. It’s like a suck lasagna in my head.

Anyway, first week down, every week for the rest of my life to go. One way or another.