Stuff That Sucks

so… It’s time to stop drawing in pre-cal I got a D on my last test, and I even studied… kinda. I got a B on the test before that, so I though it would be a breeze, I took this class in highschool, but, let me tell you, college pre-cal, despite having the same name and teaching nearly the same concepts is somehow totally different and way more difficult. I just don’t understand.

On the job front, I started walking down a major street and asked at every business I came by for two and a half hours. I got some bites and hopefully something comes through. I’m gonna call the places on tuesday and walk in the other direction on thursday.

My mom thinks I should fix my truck which would mean not seeing my dad. He’s upset because one more time, money seems more important than him, and I don’t know what to do or say that would make everybody happy. You know what they say, Christmas is just another cold day.

I’m being stupid, everything will work out in the end. I’m reading Reinaldo Arenas’ book “Before Night Falls”. He was a gay poet under the Castro Regieme. That was some difficult shit, this is only childsplay. I just get upset when things don’t work out, you know.