I drove up to Oregon for spring break to trade my old crappy car with my dad for an allegedly newer, better Honda. On the way down, 9 hours from home, the new car’s engine blew up because it had 219,000 miles on it. I was stuck in BFE northern California for two days, which blew coz all I wanted to do the whole week long was just get home and sleep and be happy and on vacation. I can’t believe that Ben came all the way up to get me, and drive home. He is the best boyfriend ever and I totally love him.

In other news, I need to start wheatpasting again. I stopped when my friend got arrested for graffiti right next to me, but they’re two totally different things. Cops don’t even know what wheatpaste is. When we got stopped, the cops were poking at my wheatpaste like monkeys with an X-box, and then they thought I was DJ’s girlfriend, like women are too helpless and dependent to vandalize shit themselves, they have to follow some boy around? Whatever. I got off, thank you misogyny. Ironically, it was international women’s day and I was posting the femm-fist.

Despite having no car, life is good. I might buy a 2000 Saturn L series from the dealership. From what I’ve read they’re good cars. Anyone with any Saturn experience, please comment and let me know. So far, I like this car, it’s the luxury model so it’s got all kinds of extra bells and whistles, like windows that open. In order to show my friend what the interior looked like, I pointed out the interior of a Lexus that was in the parking lot we were walking through, it wasn’t too far off, except there isn’t any leather in my car, thank god.