Some people really do have lives

So I was looking through LJ communities and I found this guy, mike. He hitchikes all over America, and he made a CD about it, which he put on his website. It’s really cool, I’d advise anyone to listen. It’s under ‘hitchhikers audio tour of the U.S.. He’s got some interesting ideas, too. I’d really like to do a punk rock breakfast, but I don’t think any of the Glendora punks could handel dumpster food. It might be below them, however lots of them are rich enough to donate their parents food. I doubt it would go over too well anyway. I don’t know, watch the streets for PRB, just in case.

I was walking with Vince from Carmen’s to his truck on Sunday and it started raining, and Vince freaked about the wetness. I laughed at him and told him to be chill, and do the chill dance, so I got vince to do a very odd dance in the middle of the street in covina in the rain. It was fun, and I promised that by SCAC this year, he’ll be considerably more chill than we first found him.

Something about the Royal Tenenbaums was just on tv. That was such a good movie, I remember I went with Tyler and we sat next to smokers, and every body on the screen was smoking and it felt like smell-o-vision.

I’ve had an intense longing to just hang out somewhere, remenescent of the days when I would ride the bus and get lost, and have fun doing it. I want to ride the bus to the beach again, that was fun, relaxing, and the kind of thing where you know you’re going to be gone all day, and no one you meet is going to know who you are, and responsibility is far far away. Really great. I’d recomend it. So anyone who wants to ride the bus to the beach anytime after next Sunday, let me know, we’ll go on an adventure.

P.S. Maybe the beach is too cold, but we could go just about anywhere else, and Novia got me Am I Blue, yes, worship me.