Some Cool Shit

o.k., I was being obsessed about Henry Rollins, and he does voice in this really interesting looking movie that’s stop motion, like those old school christmas specials, about a post-apocalyptic world where charles manson becomes god. It’s called live freaky, die freaky and it’s a commentary on mob mentality, and the fucked up places it gets you. The link is an interview with the director, whom I now will be adding to my herim, for sure.

“I have been in the punk scene since the Seventies. I saw the Germs, The Ramones, etc. And what I loved about punk then, and still do, is that it is so diverse. In Los Angeles we had so many different types of punk bands, the Go-Go’s, Blasters, Gun Club, Black Flag, Circle Jerks, etc. They all were different but they all had one thing in common. They were all misfits, society’s outcast and that made them punk. So I don’t lay judgment on the new breed except for that chick with flat hair that wears ties and cannot pronounce David Bowie. She blows.”

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