So You’re Worried About the Size of Your Dick. Or Whatever.

It’s easy to compare ourselves to other people. In many contexts, it’s a good idea. How do you know you’re headed in the direction you want to be without first looking at the people you want to be like in order to spot-check your progress? But this can get totally insane and completely destructive real fast if you’re not careful.

if you hate yourself more than you love yourself, youre going to have a bad time.

Low self esteem and body image issues are a weird sort of ego-stroking. If you hate your thighs, and you spend all day thinking about hating them, then you’re still spending the whole day thinking about yourself. It keeps you from regular human relationships, because nobody will ever be able to love you into better self-esteem, and everyone will either be too good for you, or terrible enough to distract you from your dick issues.

Also, if you’re image obsessed, good luck finding someone who isn’t a shallow fuck up.

what if I dolt you that feeling sorry for yourself is not an aphrodisiac?

So, don’t get caught up in the gifts you don’t have. Grow some fucking balls (because you obviously aren’t growing any more dick at this point) and get in the game.

small dick? fuck harder