Sand Penis

I’m at work, like always. Went into San Diego last night, went to the beach with Jono and Sam, tried to make a sand penis, but it collapsed. Had fun though. Sold a hat and gave away a bunch of business cards.

Getting really obsessed with The Sounds, really good band. Keep having a dream with one of their songs in it, and I always have a good day when I’ve had that dream the night before.

I’m trying not to withdraw any money because I need it to buy books with. So far so good. I just pick up odd jobs to do and sell shirts and hats when I run out of cash. Drove Casey to Laguna Niguel on Friday for thirty bucks, then Kate, Sheryl, Trevor and I just hung out at a coffee place down there.

Chilled with Paul on Saturday and made a bunch of business cards with a stencil and some spray paint. Wet Hot American Summer is a good movie

Going out to L.A. tonight, hopefully going to sell some more shit and pick up Trevor and Sheryl on Sunset, maybe sell some more shit there.

Has anyone else noticed this? At some point on just about every major freeway in southern California from the valley to San Diego, there are signs taped to various pillars that say JESUS in big red letters, or it will have the numbers of a christian radio station. I saw the radio station numbers first, and switched to it, thinking there might be some chill new underground station, but I got an ear-full of some jerk-off telling me that I’m going to hell because I don’t do life his way. Well, I don’t believe in hell, and I don’t really appreciate being duped into letting this fucker berate me for a full thirty seconds. A lot of Christians talk a lot of smack on Satan, about how he’s bad and evil. Well, I never had anybody tell me that Satan hated me for who I am. In fact, as I understand it, this Satan fellow is accepting of just about everybody from murders to clerics. I think I like Satan better. So I suppose I have the Christians to thank for introducing me to my new friend Satan, who loves and accepts me for who I am. Anyway, these signs freak me out, because in the western world, wherever you find a wacko who just can’t help but tell you about how you should “accept Jesus into your heart”, your likely to find a wacko who would advocate mass extermination of the gays and the Jews and the Muslims. Muslims, being the only group we happen to be murdering en mass right now, these people are naturally a bit antsy, and also might want to kill you if you happen to be on the side of any of their “enemies”, and being killed by a mob of angry evangelists is really not the direction I want my life to take.

So, in summation: Sand penis; The Sounds rock; I’m broke; Paul’s cool; And Jesus Christ is a harbinger of doom.