Review: Sock Dreams Extraordinary Thigh High Socks

Having come to accept that my We Love Colors Thigh High Tights will never be thigh high for me, I still found myself in need of some thigh highs. Then like a song into my heart there came the most wonderful blog post into my g.reader on thigh high and knee high tights for fatty fat thighs like mine. Fat Girl’s Guide (a blog that you should be following because she is so helpful and thorough) had a post up about Sock Dreams.

The product descriptions on these socks are amazingly detailed, especially when one considers how many socks they have on that site. The fact that they usually write how far around the cuff stretches made me think that God is a fat girl and she shops on the Internet. Okay, maybe it’s not that great, but it’s still so great!

The Extraordinary Thigh High boasted a cuff stretch of 27 inches around, so I bought a solid pair in burgundy and a striped pair in tan and dark brown.

I ordered on a Friday, they shipped the same day with standard shipping and they arrived on Monday. If you’re ever having a slow Monday, I really recommend trying to coordinate a delivery of awesome socks, it’ll perk you right up. Especially since my shipping was free. I have no idea why my shipping was free, maybe this is a holiday thing, or maybe it was a special offer. I try not to question free shipping. [UPDATE: I have been told that shipping is always free. On doing some research a.k.a. looking at the homepage at I see that it is free within the US. So go America, sorry foreigners.]

sock dreams extraordinary thigh high socks, review, fat fashion,

They came well packaged with this pretty label. I wish I got a picture of the back, where it listed washing instructions and stated that they were made in America, with company details, etc. But I didn’t, so oh well.

At first I worried that these socks would be itchy. Right out of the package, they felt a little rough, but that was totally not the case after I put them on. They’re not baby soft or anything, but they are very comfortable with the added bonus of sturdiness. They’re even comfortable where the cuff is around my thigh, which they fit around and stay around quite well.

An odd difference I’ve noticed between the striped pair and the solid pair is that the striped pair is slightly less stretchy, so they would sort of slip about an inch from where I put them to where they decided they wanted to be and then they would stay there the rest of the day unless I pulled them up again, and then they’d migrate to their chosen home and stay there again.

sock dreams extraordinary thigh high socks, review, fat fashion,
Where I put them

sock dreams extraordinary thigh high socks, review, fat fashion,
Where they stayed

The Solid color ones do have some drift, as socks are want to do, but not as distinct as the striped ones. Both pairs are totally comfortable, although the solid color has a cozier feel to me.

In the photos on the Sock Dreams site, the socks look a little more sparse than they actually are. It being winter, I kind of wish that they were a little thicker, but they are a good year-round thickness, and unlike the photos on their site, you can not see my skin through the knit. I’m thinking that is an effect of their flash.

Overall, I recommend these socks. I know that $16 a pair is a little steep, but considering that I paid $1.50 more plus $5 shipping for the We Love Colors tights and since I have yet to find a more user-friendly catalog in my life, I’d say that it’s well worth the price for such an elusive product.

UPDATE: It’s November 12, 2012, next month I’ll have owned these socks for 2 years, and they are still awesome. One sock in the burgundy pair (the ones I wear the most) is a little stretched out, but that’s more because I store my socks wrong (wrapping them together stretches them out.) It’s hardly noticeable at all. Other socks I’ve owned this long have gotten holes, stretched out, or lost their stretch (this usually happens to the wool ones) while the Sock Dreams have kept up under regular use. They have become some of my favorite socks.

UPDATE 2: It’s now November 10, 2015. 5 years and going strong. No noticeable wear, although I do confess that I’ve bought many more socks from Sock Dreams, so they don’t get worn as much as they did in 2010 when they were my absolute favorites and in constant rotation.

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