Redlines, Red Thighs

1. Tonight Ben and I watched the anime Redline. It’s probably the first anime I’ve watched from beginning to end since about 7th grade. It was a good one. It reminded me a lot of the psychedelic animation of the 70s and 80s that I used to watch with my dad. Anwyay, the full movie is available on YouTube with commercial breaks, if you’re interested. If you’re a fan of racing movies, this’ll probably be up your alley even if you’re not usually into anime.

2. Today I learned that if you want a business license for a home business in Hawthorne, you have to get your apartment owner or management company to sign off on it. Even if you’re receiving mail at a PO Box and even if there is no physical location for your business. Which is great since these are the same people who let one of my neighbors apartments stay flooded for over a week without taking any action at all. And that’s just the worst of their shit. This company has a long history of being completely unavailable and unresponsive. And when I called to get them to sign off, I got attitude like crazy from two completely different people. And not even the kitchey attitude where they call you “ma’am” but they mean “bitch.” Straight up ghetto “what I AM TRYING TO TELL YOU IS…” yelling into the phone. I want to die.

Whatever. We’ve been wanting to move anyway.

3. Ben has never seen Trading Places. That is atrocious to me.

4. I wore yoga pants under my skirt when I walked the dog today. Not really because of the old man, but because I couldn’t find any shorts. Fat women who have tried to walk their dog in the heat without some kind of friction prevention learn one thing and one thing only: TO NEVER FUCKING DO THAT AGAIN. Anyway, he wasn’t even on the stoop.