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For awhile now, my buddy AmHam has been doing a free comedy show at 9:30 on Tuesday nights at Pedone’s Pizza in Hermosa Beach. Because it’s both a meeting night and a weeknight, I haven’t been able to make it. Which is a shame because I like stand up, and I like the videos on their site.

I would love Hermosa if it weren’t for the people. It’s basically an episode of Jersey Shore West over there with everybody who’s not a cast member being a smarmy producer in a gold and red USC hoodie. Sometimes even an entire USC outfit with Tshirt, windbreaker and basketball shorts. In public, on Saturday night. Like, do you know there’s other people? Have you noticed that nobody else goes out in their jams on a fucking Saturday night? Or at least nobody reasonable.

Anyway, this Saturday was the second ever Saturday of AmHam and the Pedone’s Pizza group holding a comedy show at Studio, and he asked if I’d like comp tickets. The answer to this question is always yes, if you’re wondering. I’m not one of those bloggers who has a moral obligation to turn down free shit in order to keep my blogging pure. So if anybody out there happened to want to send me free stuff and was refraining out of a sense of respect to my journalistic integrity, please stop over estimating me. Of course this comes with the caveat that, like everything else in the universe, I’m not going to say anything but my real opinion about any free shit that’s sent to me. Just saying, you might send me free shit and I’ll say that it sucks if it sucks. I’m not that dedicated to freebies that I won’t blast a motherfucker, OK?

Back to the comedy show. This being the second night, the show was sparsely populated, but it was a cool crowd of good natured people that appreciated the comics and were respectful of the space. The opener Taylor Bos was funny and he dealt with the smallness of the crowd fairly well, although he definitely seemed bummed out about it. He also looks uncannily like a guy I knew in high school, so that was fun for me. I’ll get back to the middle comic later, but Headliner Rich Aronovitch pulled of a varsity set, since the club started letting people in who had no idea there was comedy going on, and they also left the game on one of the TVs, which was especially challenging when the bar people gathered to talk about it. At a particularly loud moment, I looked back and saw the middle comic Kevin Flanagan was one of the loudest talkers of the bunch. Until that moment, I’d felt bad for the guy since he’d driven all the way from downtown, and his Titus style half-rant half-stories really didn’t work out that well for him, but as soon as I saw him talking over another comic’s set, I was done. With him, I mean, not with Rich who continued to be high energy and funny, even with all the noise and the people.

This is probably the first time I’ve ever been to the second time of anything I wasn’t directly involved in. My own personal experience with new ventures makes me totally sympathetic to the crew of Real Live Stand Up. I want them to succeed, they have good energy, they have a space they can expand into, and a premium location. If they can get more bodies, and get the room to cooperate by doing shit like turning off the damn game and putting a guy at the door to keep the regular bar guys out, they’re going to do well.

Oh, and the food at this place is surprisingly good for it being a bar. Not that expensive, either. All around, Real Live Stand Up has some strong elements, but it’s also got some challenges. If you’re in the neighborhood on a Tuesday or a Saturday night, come by and support.

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  1. I was hoping to post this on facebook instead or your blog, because it looks like no one reads this besides you, even though it also looks like it’s been taking up space on the internet for about 10 years now. First of all, let me address your comment about the people of Hermosa; “I would love Hermosa if it weren’t for the people.” I love the people in hermosa, where I’m from, and in return they love me because I’m not a bitter blogger/recluse who complains about how lame the party is that they didn’t get invited to. You can bitch about anyone that doesn’t treat their body like a septic tank and doesn’t want to sleep with you, and label them all Jersey Shore disciples, while you are privately flicking your bean to them when you get home, but it comes off as blatant obvious sour grapes. Now, the biggest reason I had to respond to your nonsense is that I respect Rich and Taylor very much and since they were busy doing something with their lives, they wouldn’t know if I was actually talking over their sets, which I was most definitley not. Out of the maybe 20 people that were there to see the show, I brought 10 of them and everytime I do bring people, I make sure they stay for all of the comedians and are always respectful. For the first 20 minutes of Rich’s set I was out back going over my set and was not speaking to anyone. Then for the last 10 minutes I was in the very back of the bar, I ordered a drink and then a friend of mine came up to speak to me. I was completely out of earshot of Rich and EVERYone near the stage. If you were there to see the show, there were plenty of seats near the front, where you should have been sitting if you gave a fuck about what was happening on stage. I am thankful, however, that the disdain you have for the people of Hermosa will most likely keep you and miserable people like you away from there, without the promise of free food. I guess I will have to champion the cause of making sure that stops happening. Maybe start a blog.

    1. I saw you talking at the front of the crowd. Bitch about it all you want, but I thought you were a dick, and now you’ve come on here and proved it. If nobody reads my blog, how many people do you think will read your comment, smart guy?

  2. Im thinking probably zero, that was kind of my point. Now that you’ve said I was in front of the crowd you’ve lost all credibility. I never went anywhere near the stage until after the show was over, so I guess we all look alike in Hermosa. Next time you accuse someone of something like that you should make sure that you know what you are talking about. I’ve already spoken to three people who were at the show and they all confirmed that after my set, stayed in the back the entire time. This would be your chance to apologize for being clearly mistaken, but you don’t strike me as a kind of person who would do the decent thing.

    1. Look, you already admitted that you were talking to your friend in your first comment. I know I saw you in the front, but more than saw you, I heard you. You have sort of a distinct voice, one I had just listened to for a full set. Get smug, or whatever, but I heard you and I saw you.

  3. WHOA !
    I was in the sound-booth right above you Kevin and saw and heard you and your friend speaking loudly, even tried to ‘hush’ you guys from above, that is just fact! Now maybe the two of you thought that Rich could not hear you, but he did, ask him. I don’t think you and your friend were disrespectful on purpose, but it was disturbing nonetheless. Look Kevin, there’s no reason to insult my friend Marina. She DID NOT get free food, just got in for free, just the same way as your friends did. Her opinion is her opinion and facts are facts. I have lived in Hermosa for 22 years, and as a long time resident, I also have an opinion about an elevated douche factor in town, which started happening some 15 years ago and is not declining. This is why I have worked hard to support Stand-Up in town, as we need more diversity. Now please play nice . . .

  4. Sorry lady, you’ve accused me of doing something that I’ve never done and would never do. I didn’t even speak loud enough for my friend to hear me let alone anyone watching the show. I only mentioned speaking to him briefly because leaving that info out would strip me of any credibility for what I said after. You know, like a liar. It didn’t happen, and if you want to continue to say that it did, its fine, because the people that matter in this incident already know it not to be true.
    Have a terrible evening,

  5. Wait a minute… The sound booth above the back of the bar? She said I was up front near the stage? I know you are trying to defend your friend but which is it? You tried to hush me? How does he nor I have any idea what you’re talking about? Where was I, in the front or the back? Ridiculous. She has insulted me, my friends and the people of hermosa and I’m supposed to “play nice?” You’ve tried to give what she said credibility and all it has done is show that its complete BS. Good luck with your attitude towards hermosa while relying on them to support your efforts.

    1. I never said you were near the stage, I said you were at the front of the crowd that had gathered behind us. You might call that the back of the bar. Either way, I saw you and I heard you. Also, I only insulted you and the people of Hermosa. I have no problem with your friends.

  6. Haha… This is the best one yet. So, the front of the crowd, to you, is the furthest person from the stage in the entire bar? And no, you just added the part about the crowd that gathered behind us. “I saw you talking at the front of the crowd. Bitch about it all you want….” And ” I know I saw you in the front, but more than saw you, I heard you….”
    It’s hard to sell your revisionist history when I’m quoting you from a few rows above. No one who has ever stepped foot in Studio would ever confused where I was with the “front” of anything, and your back tracking is boring. As for not insulting my friends, they were all from hermosa and and Fitz the bartender there went to USC and has worn Trojan sweatshorts there at all hours of the day and night. Amham, you’re right, she is entitled to her opinion and because of that so am I. The only Douche I knew for sure that was in hermosa that night was the author of this blog.

  7. WoW . . . I don’t know what’s left to say here . . . are you serious Kevin? You are this kind of person? I am shocked how ultimately disrespectful and abusive you can be! I’ve been part of Comedy By The Slice for two years and been at Pedones almost every single Tuesday. Have seen you preform there maybe 3 to 5 times. Never thought ill of you, nor your friends, in any way, as you seemed like a decent dude, but . . . WoW! Don’t judge a book by it’s cover!
    You wrote: “You can bitch about anyone that doesn’t treat their body like a septic tank and doesn’t want to sleep with you, and label them all Jersey Shore disciples, while you are privately flicking your bean to them when you get home, but it comes off as blatant obvious sour grapes” . . . seriously man?
    I invited 2 of my friends to check out our new show, (now I know it’s not the same as your 10, but I do what I can), they laughed, they drank and ate, and Marina was disturbed by you speaking loudly during Rich’s set and wrote about it in her blog.
    Let’s for a moment say she was mistaken and you were not disruptive, which you were as I tried to hush you guys, but for the sake of my argument, let’s say this wasn’t the case – – – do you really feel comfortable about writing these things to a friend of mine?
    I know you don’t know me, but this isn’t about our nonexistent relationship, yet I need to know if somehow you can’t see that non-locals may think that Hermosa Beach residents are douches when they have to face this kind of abuse.
    May I mention again that I am a local and have lived worked and played in Hermosa for 22 years. My wife went to grade school here. I used to manage the Bijou. I don’t need to list my entire resume, but I am part of this town you used to call home. Can you see how your behavior brings down this towns image?
    . . . “and label them all Jersey Shore disciples, while you are privately flicking your bean to them” . . . ???
    WTF dude?
    I’d never attack you friends in such manner Kevin and I am shocked that you’d be so disrespectful toward one of mine. Again, we don’t know each other, but I am starting to learn what kind of person you are and I wish it wasn’t so. Had a completely different personality in mind from the times I saw you at Pedones.
    Last, I have to mention that I am the one that posted Marina’s blog post on the Comedy By The Slice’s facebook site and not Ryan, as I have access to it. Ryan asked me to delete it, because he doesn’t want any negativity toward anyone, which I did.
    I am just glad you are showing your colors here and let’s not let it reflect on Ryan’s endeavors and hard work.
    I am awaiting your next disrespectful comment with baited breath, but honestly, an apology would be nicer. Somehow your writings tell me that you are not a man to say that you were wrong and will now attack me. Hope I am wrong about you and that you had a great night tonight, as I wish you continued success in all you do. Good night.

  8. Here’s what you don’t get, man. I was accused of doing something I didn’t do. It showed up on my Facebook with the headline “shut up dick” A place where not only my friends who weren’t there to know of its falsehood, but also a lot of comedians that I have to work with in the future go. I will defend myself if I feel like it, however I see fit. Especially when the person making the accusations to begin with has shown me absolutely zero respect in the way that she refered to me. I know the Fucking etiquette at comedy clubs and if I’m going to be professed to about it by someone who Fucking doesn’t, I’m going to explain to them exactly why they don’t. To be completely honest, I have no ill will towards either of you, you are both allowed to say whatever you want, but since, so the fuck am I, this is how I choose to. You’ve explained your side of what happened and I’ve explained mine, and now that the people that matter to me have conveyed to me that they understand my part in this, I am content. Like I said, no hard feelings on my end, but you’re not going to get anything even resembling an apology from me about how I’ve responded. I have shown her more respect than she showed me and the people of Hermosa. If someone sucker punches me, then critiques me on how I should have swung back more respectively, that person can go fuck themselves. Respectively.

  9. too little – to late!
    Broke my ties with Ryan over this tonight – as that was not an apology from you!
    Will see you around town – and now know what kind of man you are – please don”t break my nose when you see me next!

  10. btw – too bad for you Kevin that Marina does have readers and you exposed yourself as the person you are . . .

  11. Haha, what up, hookerrrrrrrs!!! (that was my entrance as one of her “readers”. I hope it was epic enough.)

    Kevin’s a douche. Marina, you could have been smoother about calling out his disturbance, but you didn’t need to be. There was no way to tell how personally he would take it. Your post wasn’t nearly harsh enough to warrant Kevin’s insults. Dude was cold. That was unwarranted. You said he was loud during the show. He could have thrown down two polite sentences and explained himself much better without looking like a jerk. As for “insulting” his town, I’d have a lot less friends if I went off on every motherfucker that said something ill about Alabama where I spent a lot of my childhood. It’s just not worth it. Also, Alabama is kind of shitty, lol. What can I say?

    1. Ed, I think you’re right that I could have been smoother. I wrestle with being honest vs. being tactful. A person can for sure be both at the same time, but then I feel like if I didn’t have any hard edges at all, I’d be completely boring and nobody would want to read anything I write. Not everybody can be nice and make the right decision all the time. I think that Kevin for sure flew the douche flag with his comments, but those aren’t my business, he’s going to be however he wants to be, and I’m going to do the same.

      I don’t know, I think this thing is basically played out. Next time I feel the need to call someone out on my blog for some rude or annoying shit they did, will I do it differently? Yeah, I could have said the same exact thing, but in a more fun, or interesting or creative way. Maybe that’ll be tomorrow’s blog, me writing different styles of the ‘Kevin Flanagan talks over another comic’s set’ story. Sometimes I think that I should be nice and loving to every delicate human on the planet, and other times I feel like that’s some retarded hippie bullshit and I need to go search the field of daisies I left my testicles in. It’s complicated.

      Oh, and all that shit about me insulting his home town is whatever. I live in Hawthorne, it’s not like I’ll get offended when someone calls it out for being the ghetto-ass shithole it is. I have blogs about the pros and cons of my neighborhood, and I wouldn’t trade all it’s ghettoness for Hermosa any day. But that’s just me, I prefer hood rats to douche bags.

  12. I’m confused about the “too little too late part.” I’ve done less then nothing to try and appease you about this. The only thing that I find remotely interesting about this anymore is how some people think that they can police how one responds to someone who attacks their character. If you feel I was too “harsh” then just believe I was over compensating and that makes you not believe me, but please god grow a backbone. If you become a cop, (In this case a comedy club cop) You start shooting at bad guys and they start shooting back you don’t say “oh no he’s shooting to much at my face.” You either shoot back, OR don’t be a Fucking cop anymore.

    1. She didn’t attack your character. She said you were loud at a show. That doesn’t warrant blatant misogynist insults. Telling her she’s mistaken and giving a valid reason why is fine, but you shat all over her in the process.

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