Livetweeting Tokyo Drift

I’m honestly having a hard time remembering when I had more fun than I just had livetweeting the amazing mess that is The Fast and the Furious Tokyo Drift.

When the popular girl suggests a compromise to racing for pink slips because the popular guy doesn’t want the protagonist’s shitty buick, or whatever it is.

Upon the young protagonists arrival in Japan:

Accents were a little bit… dodgy.

Women as objects in 3, 2, 1…

Typical homosocial bonding using women as an excuse to get closer to your fellow man.

When his new boss asks him to confront a man “with a paw,” in a bathhouse and he gets assaulted by a sumo wrestler.

(Because they were naked in the bathhouse)

The redundancy drives me insane, but it’s true.

I think it’s actually a policy that there has to be one lady-on-lady make out sesh in every Fast and Furious movie.

Anyway, end feminist rant.

When the protagonist is confronted by his father for his wayward, drifting lifestyle.

Drift gang boss is a poet.

And that’s all the character development we need for the girl, apparently. But for real, she speaks with an Australian accent even though the mom died when she was little and she’s been raised by Japanese people since she was a toddler or something.

That’s what happens when you’re drifting and having a romantic moment at the same time.

When the girl tried to break up with her aspiring Yakuza boyfriend/adopted nephew (see above).

This is not a getaway car. This is a drift away car.

The epic drift chase through the streets of Tokyo

When Han Seoul-oh dies.

Oh, when we weren’t looking this bitch got stolen back by the yakuza. I’m so far past caring about her.