Listening to the Presidential Debate

God, I hate George W. Bush so much.

Nothing’s really been happening to me, just freaking out coz it’s midterms and all the professors seem to have banned together to rain a shit storm of endless papers and tests forever and ever amen.

Not sleeping enough, but I never do. Don’t care, it’s kinda grown into a macho thing, how little sleep can I survive on for an extended period of time? Three hours in two weeks, oh, I’m hardcore, FUCK YEAH!

My roommate told me that she’s voting for Bush, and I was really sad. Mostly, I’m sad when people with queer friends want to vote Bush. How can you do that? How could you look your queer friend in the face and tell them that you voted for a man that tried to put discrimination towards them into the very constitution of our nation. Fifty years after the civil rights amendment, and he’s trying to wedge hate and ignorance back into our most sacred document? I couldn’t do it, I couldn’t treat that person like my friend, and know that I had lent to the reversal of their civil rights like that. I don’t care if the amendment didn’t pass, I know by his actions what kind of beliefs he has, and I know that as long as he’s in office the people I care about are in danger, and that’s not okay with me. For every fucker I beat the shit out of for gay bashing my friends in high school, I’m going to do the best to beat the shit out of this one too.