It’s the Future, Change Your Shirt

I’ve been watching Sleepy Hollow lately, and as much as I appreciate Fox’s dedication to accuracy in depicting how the people of the colonial America’s never bathed, I’m starting to get tired of no one in the entire cast ever changing their damn clothes.

This is what they wear in every episode
This is what they wear in every episode

Main character Abby Mills is a sheriff, and wears the same skinny jeans, T-shirt, and jacket combo in every scene where she’s not in uniform, Abby’s estranged slayer sister is a mental patient, so always wears the jumper and shirt of her institution, even when she’s escaped, and resurrected hottie Ichabod Crane apparently wears the same tattered 18th century rags he was buried in. I bet these people smell great.

I mean, it’s not even like he was regular buried. He was in some weird emulsion of dirt, animal fat, and cave mud. Think of the grossness! Did Fox spend the shop’s entire budget on creepy demon CGI and just not have enough to get new clothes, or what?

And don’t act like they’re too busy saving the world. In the episode I just watched, they were at a damn little league game. Fuck the game, buy the man some Tommy Bahama! He looks uncomfortable.

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