I’m goin’ goin’ back back to cali cali (oops, I’m already here)

So I’m back in So-Cally, and I’m happy to be home, but I miss my boyfriend, but not as much as the day after I got back, that day sucked ass.

Last night I spent a recockulas amount of money on DVD’s, and Kate and I rented 9 Dead Gay Guys which is about these two irish friends named Byron and Kenny who have an adventure in London that involves lots-o-gaysex, a dwarf with a little dick and, of course 9 dead gay guys. I thought it was great, In fact, if I can find it for sale anywhere, I’ll buy it. We also watched Mambo Italiano, which was also really good, and I’m happy I bought it before I had seen it because as soon as I get home, I’m going to watch it again.

This is something I wrote in the Lunchroom at work today:
One day you wake up, shower, dress, get in the car and go to work. At lunch you talk about how California has become the fastest growing producer of cheese in America
“Soon enough we’re going to pass up Wisconsin”
“oh yeah?”
It doesn’t hit you until you’re sitting at your desk reading the latest memo. Today was exactly like yesterday which was exactly like the day before that and the day before that ad. infinitum, and you have no fucking idea what happened to your life.

I think it sounds a little Palahniuk-y, but I really like it.