Icky Shit I Used to Hate

When I was younger, and single, I totally hated this type of romantic bullshit. Well, fuck what I used to think is what I always say
So on our way to the gym, we saw this adorable graffiti in our apartment’s parking lot.
'I fucken love you' written on a pole
And then later, I felt that there weren’t enough pictures of Batman and Robin love, so I requested the use of my sweet boyfriend’s sketch pad and awesome new copic markers.
“You’re not going to draw Batman and Robin porn, are you? Don’t use my sketchbook if you’re just going to draw porn”
“Wouldn’t dream of it, love”
So, instead I drew him a picture illustrating how very much I love him.
batman and robin holding hands with 'If we were Batman and Robin, I think we'd still be in love.' written above them
I also feel the need to clarify that, despite the language used in this picture, I still do not believe in the state of being “in love,” it’s just that “If we were Batman and Robin, I think we’d still maintain an intense and abiding love for each other, born of mutual knowledge and respect” just doesn’t have the same ring to it. Consider it artistic license.
And yes, I’d totally be Batman. You know it.