I don’t wanna know

I’m listening to the John Roberts hearings. Feinstien is at the pulpit, she rocks. I especially like how everybody in the room, (who had been talking previously) shuts the fuck up as soon as she takes the stand.

As for Roberts, the smiley little fuck just keeps dodging the bullet, so far no one’s been able to pin him down and get a straight answer. Feinstien’s doing pretty good. She pissed him off by insinuating that he’s a misogynist, and he fell off his game a bit.

It looks like this meat-head is our new Chief Justice. What a butt-worm.

Feinstien: “Do you believe in the separation of church and state absolutely?”
Roberts: Irrelevant evasions and blithering idiocy
Feinstien: “You can’t answer my question yes or no?”
Marina: Came in my pants out of sheer respect of her awesome brass balls of chillness