Hot Wet Heat

It was 90 degrees today. Everybody makes fun of desert dwellers because we always say temperatures in the 100s are okay because “it’s a dry heat.”

Well, Portland heat is not a dry heat. It’s nowhere near a truly humid heat, but it’s still not comfortable for someone who is used to zero humidity.

So I currently feel like someone replaced all the blood in my body with sand. Which is why I won’t be writing anything other than this.

Except to say that I saw Spy last night and it was awesome and you should see it too. Lady-tastic. No dumb fat jokes.

2 Replies to “Hot Wet Heat

  1. Paradoxically it’s cooler here than it should be, I’m kinda enjoying it. XD I guess the weather felt guilty that winter was practically non-existent (hence the drought doom and gloom). I just hope it doesn’t change its mind and deliver another summer with 120 degree days at its peak. 😛

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