Holy Jesus, It’s Really Over

I finished my last final a little before eight p.m. tonight (actually last night). I still have to work tomorrow and Friday the entire day, but now that finals are over, I feel much better, and Ben isn’t leaving until Sunday so I can hang out with him. Generally everyone is going home either tomorrow or the next day. My roommate is leaving at five in the morning.

I’m looking foreward to Saturday when Dan and I are going to old school ink in SD to price tattoos, and I’m gonna sit there while he gets his shading done. After that’s the formal, and I had told everyone I was going to wear my prom dress, but for lots of reasons, I’m just gonna take a skirt, shove it in my bag and call it dressed up.

I really want to be able to put my comics on here, but I haven’t found a site to hoste any images I might have. I think I’ll just have to get a free website and host them off of there. If anyone knows any alternatives, let me know.