Henry Rollins Goes on Tour

Godammit, Henry! It would probably take me 45 minutes to drive to wherever it is you live now, which, even if I knew where it was, I would never do because that’s really fucking creepy and rude, but my point here is that You Live In L.A.!! You fucking live here, and you can’t even do a show here? For me? For all the deprived little California kids? AAAAARG!!!! Not like you’re ever going to read this, but how fucking long must I wait, the last show you did in california was in god damn San Francisco. FRISCO!!! You chose frisco over us, you pumped up bastard. I only have so much love to give, and old punk rockers who go on spoken word tours and don’t even play their adoptive home town, don’t really fit into my equation, my fatty love giving equation.