Goodbye Hitler Teapot

The JC Penny Hitler teapot billboard has been taken down. One week after this beautiful Hitler-coaster roared to a start, it’s all over in a rush of snowman mug apology tweets and self-righteous fucksticks who should probably shut their mouths because that snowman is adorable and it’s not like they commissioned a Hitler teapot. The Hitler pot is an amusing accident at the very worst. No reasonable person lives in fear of a tea kettle, and anybody who takes this seriously should jump out a window. Sometimes shit just looks like Hitler and it’s out of your control. Also, hilarious.

In other news, I’ve been having trouble sleeping. Not new information, I know, but today I finally gave myself permission to take a nap when I was feeling tired, and I woke up from that motherfucker like I had been encased in carbonite. I just shook and stared until Ben got home with the car so I could go to my meeting.

I’ve been so obsessed with work that I completely forgot I was supposed to drop by the Chamber of Commerce this morning. I did, however, have a staff meeting. I know I’m working by myself, but I think I need to do that every week just to touch base and feel like I’m keeping in line with my goals.

Anyway, it’s really late and Ben’s already in bed. Also, I forgot everything else I was going to write here. I guess as a former sort-of games journalist I should mention that the second installment of Feminist Frequency/Anita Sarkeesian’s Tropes v. Women in Videogames came out today. I didn’t get to watch it because a bunch of trolls flag-spammed her video and youtube took it down. It’s back up now, so I’ll probably ingest that tomorrow and if it strikes me, I’ll write more about it. I did want to say that every time I find myself getting kind of annoyed at her (for reasons I’ve already enumerated here), the trolls are so much more offensive and horrible than any version of her could ever be that I end up siding with her and supporting her work because they’re totally proving her right. She loves to talk about her detractors, and it strikes me as a little victim-ey, which turns me off, but then all these little MRA gamer freaks are so consistently shitty that I can’t help but chose the lesser evil.