Go Mimis*

Who’s got two thumbs and thought it would be a good idea to stay awake all night reading? This dumb bitch.

I am a wreck.

I’m too old for this shit.

I got a side gig as a ghost tour guide. So I’m watching a lot of Supernatural right now. I’m only in season two, but I’ve already started having Supernatural related dreams. They’re not scary. Just kind of frustrating.

Apparently there’s a point where the hot-ass brothers get matching tattoos.

And Sam goes through some kind of second, sexiness-related puberty.

As if I needed more reasons I’m going to hell for the thoughts I think about those two.

*Go mimis: A chicano expression, which means to go to sleep. “Let’s go mimis.”

8 Replies to “Go Mimis*

  1. so much wincest to read about = little time left over to feel bad about it
    also Destiel squeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    (I am not quite sure how I run around and pretend to be an adult woman sometimes)

      1. Eventually there will be a gorgeous angel named Castiel and there will be many more opportunities to think dirty thoughts. But I think you are a few seasons away from that.

          1. Castiel will be a little on the skinny side but eventually will be in nothing but his boxers for the briefest of scenes. Nice.

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