Get Up, Stand Up

Allright everybody, breath in, big breath like you’re dying. If you can’t hear the air rushing into your lungs over the hum of the computer, breath harder. Savor feeling of the air in your lungs. Feel your heart beat, feel the blood in your viens, know that you are alive. Think about the significance of that, how much more you can do now that you’re alive, how much you can see and feel and taste.

Step two: look the fuck around you. They are killing Us One. By. One. And you are letting them. And before you ask who’s killing us, it’s us. We’re dying without cause, and without consequence, killing indiscriminately amongst ourselves, fighting each other when we should be fighting for each other. Breath in again, feel that rush of air. That is your air. Remember that because if you don’t do anything it’s going to be all that’s left of everyone you knew, everything you had, anything you ever loved, because you chose not to rock the boat. What are you going to do when there’s no fucking boat left? Who are you going to blame as you drown?

And I don’t have a fucking plan, but making shit happen is better than letting it happen. I don’t know about you, fuck, I don’t even really care about you, but when it all goes to pot, I’m not going softly into the grave. Believe me, it’s coming down, but I’m not, and if you want more than the air you breath, then you better not either, because if you don’t fight for yourself, no one fucking will.