Foundation Music

That time we were packing and I found all my tapes from high school…



From the top left corner

Row 1: Tom Petty; The Beatles (WTF?); Homemade Tape (Unknown)
Row 2: Nirvana; Ramones/Subhumans Mixtape; Bad Religion
Row 3: BB King; The Rolling Stones; Unknown
Row 4: Unknown; Alice Cooper; Unknown
Row 5: Muddy Waters/John Lee Hooker Mixtape; Unknown; Unknown
Row 6: System of a Down; The Rolling Stones; Hedwig and the Angry Inch
Row 7: The Steve Miller Band; Lynyrd Skynyrd; Unknown
Row 8: The Cure/Rufus Wainwright Mixtape; Social Distortion; Unknown
Row 9: Garbgage; Social Distortion; and 4 AA Speaker Tapes