Dwayne The Motherfucking Rock Johnson


You think you can smell what The Rock is cooking? Well, you fucking can not. Because The Rock wakes up at 3:50 in the ass splitting, eye shitting morning y’all.


Three motherfuckin’ fiddy.

The Rock has these same headphones in two different colors.



Also, the same work-out shirt in alternating colors. That’s the kind of man The Rock is. The Rock will color coordinate his audio accessories. Because he can, bitch.

We have to appreciate The Rock while we still have him. The Rock is not a renewable resource. The Rock is finite. It’s important to take the time we have to appreciate the gifts The Rock gives us.


By the way, I recorded the making of this mess on Periscope, if you guys want to hear what I sound like at the end of a 16 hour day on 4 hours of sleep, follow @marinaisgo.