Drugs Suck

This morning I was at work in the library, examining bound volumes of journals to make sure they were in order. I came across this add that was in a few of the journals. It was three pages for Seraquil. The first page had an extreme close-up of this thirty-something guy, and it said “well, accepted”. The second page was a little zoomed out and there was this fat guy in the background smiling at the thirty-something. . The third page was the same guy behind a cash register. He worked at a flower shope! Below the seraquil logo there was some little notation that said something like “nominal side effects” or some crap like that. The pill was for scitzophrenics, but it’s not like the advertisers should maybe set a higher standard? It’s like, “hey schitzophrenic guy… take this pill and you’ll be able to work minnimum wage until you die.” There’s no way we could show you in a classroom improoving your standard in life. No siree, you get to work jobs a monkey could do.” In reality though, the poor bastard probably wouldn’t even be able to walk let alone work in a flower store. That shit knocks you out. E’s on it and she’s only 14. Why is she on that shit anyways? She’s not a schitzo, just a suicidal crack baby. I guess, if you look at the numbers there’s no money in medicating ONLY schitzophrenics. You gotta throw somebody else in there for the big bucks, and hey, isn’t depression the newist big thing? How much of a difference is there, really between hearing voices that make you agitated and want you to kill people and not being able to get out of bed because you want to die? Both suck ass in the most extreme way, but I’d have to argue that while those that suffer from depression can and often function in society in a totally non-creepy way, schitzophrenics are creep-tacular, and tend to get agitated essily. Besides, even the worst depression cases usually stay in bed. WHY WOULD YOU GIVE THEN A DRUG THAT KNOCKS THEM OUT?!! Money I suppose, and the assumption that if they can’t function, they can’t harm themselves. God I hate doctors. They care shit about the quality of human life. It’s all about points: +1 if they live, -2 if they fucking die. I can just see two of the little fuckers, leaving the hospital, walking to their Jags. “Well Jake, it’s a plus one for our side today”, “why’s that Bob?”. “Well, you know that Bitch in 306a, tried to slit her wrists with a scalpel Jim dropped?” “Oh yeah, what a mess, how is she?” “She can’t hardly remember her name, but now I’m confident she’ll last the night at least…you know electric shock’s comming back in a big way” “Oh, yeah, costs tons too, because of all the insurance risks, brain damage and all” “Just tell ’em it’s good for ’em, these chupms’ll believe anything” I fucking hate all these money-grubbing bastards, just medicating the fucking world