Christmas Eve

Hey Hey. This should be an alright christmas after all. I was having my doubts, but it looks better than I thought. I’m just hanging out in my p.j.’s that Katy’s parents bought me (warm and fuzzy). Kate and I are planning on staying up all night in order to unwrap presents at the but-crack of 8 am. Kate’s little nephew is staying with us, and he’s pretty cool. I taught him some ‘your mama’ jokes, and we made cookies for santa.

Tomorrow I’m hanging out with my Mom and Grandma in the morning, and having dinner with Novia. Her mom’s so sweet but part of me really hates her anyway because of some of the shit I’ve found out since we met.

I think the best thing about this christmas is going to be tonight, though because the house is full of people and christmas hasn’t been like that since I spent christmas with my dad like ten years ago.