Life’s good, it’s friday and I’m tired of sitting here.

I’m reading V for Vendetta, so far it’s awesome and I can’t wait for the movie.

I just read a story on Chuck Palahniuk, I already posted this on Paul’s journal, but Chuck just seems like the awesome kinda writer he’ll be when he grows up (it’s gonna happen man, just hang in there… like I should talk. We’ll wait together or something.)

I fell asleep while driving again, hit a girl in her pickup truck, and that’s the day I found out that my insurance had lapsed. It was a great moment for me.

I don’t want to be boring, it’s really hard to escape mediocrity.

I feel happy, but I’m kinda waiting for something to happen. I mean, the government’s corrupt, we’re fighting a war that (according to gallup poll) is something like 35% popular, there’s a civil rights fight going on, the rich are getting richer and the Supreme court had agreed to hear a case on Abortion. Something is going to happen to us if something doesn’t happen within us. Wake up you lazy fuckers! make art, and make noise, or we’re going to be forgotten like the rest of them. Some thing’s coming, and soon it’s going to be going and I plan to be going with it