Charisma Uniqueness Nerve And Talent – Can RuPaul Have Cunt?

Tuesday’s blog touched on RuPaul’s use of the anti-trans slur she-male, and my problem with the fight that ensued over its removal from the show. During that post, I also wanted to acknowledge Ru’s use of the phrase “Charisma Uniqueness Nerve And Talent,” which, of course, acronyms to CUNT, but there was no way to fit it in.

The gyst is that while I’m all for getting rid of shemale, I’m not against CUNT because everybody wants Charisma Uniqueness Nerve And Talent, while shemale was used as a joke.

In the she mail section where Ru would give the show contestants challenges, she was the butt of the joke, but it was still insinuating that gender-nonconforming people are something to joke about, while cuntiness is something to aspire to.

I guess that wasn’t that difficult to articulate. So the answer is yes. Thank you, and good day.