So I got an e-mail from my dad this morning. He sais that he bought me an ’86 camaro and that all I have to do is come up to Oregon and get it, which I can totally do in April over spring break. All day at work I was dancing and singing, but I’m really worried that this is gonna suck. You see, this isn’t the first car my dad has planned to give me. What ends up happening is that he buys these cars with the very best of intentions, but they’re shitty cars and they break down before they even get to me. Usually I don’t care because I had a car allready or I didn’t have my license yet, it’s the thought that counts anyway, but this time I need a car so fucking badly that I kinda think that it’s totally fate or something, like after all the bad luck with the truck, and with having no car and really really needing one and not having anybody to turn to for help, God (or whatever) finally looked down and was like, “shit, somebody needs to give this kid a break.” Also, I feel like I deserve it because I really really want to pick people up and give them rides to shit. Ever since I was first getting involved with committee work, all kindsa everybody would be picking my ass up, and all I ever wanted to do when I got a car was return the favor and pick up the kids that couldn’t drive yet, and I did (except for when the truck was broken down, which was quite a lot of the time). I drove all over to get people, I drove to Aliso Veijo, San Diego, Huntington Beach, fucking everywhere, and I swear I’ll keep doing it, especially after all the shit that’s happened since I sold the truck. I don’t know if I just got used to being able to drive myself (probably), but it’s like people get so butt hurt about going twenty minutes out of their way that they don’t care how you’re going to get there, or if it takes you two fucking days, they’re just trying to preserve their schedules and when they’re your last hope and they couldn’t be bothered, it just pisses me off. I’m going to put a sign in my next car that says “there is never any good reason to not help out in any way that you can”, just in case I forget and start putting my precious schedule first. Not that anybody should go broke or get fired to drive somebody else someplace, but if they can do it without incurring any damages, fucking do it. Well, that’s the end of my rant.