Bud Light Dextro!

That’s right people. Those are the dulcet, unflanged tones of voice actor Brandon Keener, aka Garrus Vakarian.

You can thank Ben for finding this. He first IDed Keener on a radio commercial, looked around a little and found this total gem of commercial creativity.

It’s kind of eerie, isn’t it? I mean, I hear Garrus but that’s just a regular dudebro. Youtube is already full of calibration jokes, so it’s not like I really discovered anything, but I thought it was funny.

Also, this came in the mail today:

I’m glad I backed the kickstarter, but I probably won’t do anything like that again. I get the way that kickstarter can be a mass vote of confidence for something the industry might otherwise overlook, but that wasn’t the case here. Comics by dudes about guns and tits aren’t really a revolutionary product. All told this is beautiful, but fairly standard comics stuff (sexist and a little bit poorly written).

You see those killer hot babes in the front? At no point do either of those chicks appear in this comic. They vaguely resemble two of the girls in the second story, but there’s no topples ladies v. biker bar shoot out riot situation, nor is there any potential for one and that makes me extremely sad. I knew from the start that there was going to be a lot of T&A, I have no problem with tits and I was looking forward to reading a comic where the female lead got to be the kind of mega badass who 1. makes a pile of unconscious and/or dead bikers 2. hauls her lady up on her shoulder and then 3. launches what is clearly a secondary or possibly tertiary assault from the top of the heap of her most recent conquests. Unfortunately what I got was much more tame and predictable. The book did come with a nice print of the cover image, and I would have paid for that single print what I paid for the whole damn thing, so I say I got my money’s worth.

But the search for a decent lady hero, or even a half way decent one, continues. My friend loaned me the most current two books of Batwoman. I may have found at least a step in the right direction with her.

Also, also, I just pulled my door knob off.

Jesus Christ this place is a shithole.