Big Fat Deconstructionist Weekend

I’m quite disturbing right now. took my my lit midterm today, in which we were supposed to choose a best and worst literary criticism, for which I chose deconstruction for both (because deconstructionists believed that ‘binary opposistions’ like best and worst could and should be made equal, and therefore same), so I deconstructed deconstruction while showing that it wasn’t a literary school at all by disproving their stupid little theory of meaning. In other words, I broke my brain. I either got an A or I failed. We will see.

This weekend was bitchin. I went to Shanna’s on Friday, watched a movie with a midget in it that looked exactly like Alister, who hates midgets. Found out someone I love is hurting themselves over a stupid girl. How do you tell someone it’s okay to be alone, when you hate being alone yourself? It’s better than loosing who you are in a bad relationship, I suppose, or else I wouldn’t be alone. I slept for about an hour each on a hardwood floor, easy chair and shawna’s bed. Saturday Jeff and I sat around and fixed our torn clothes, later a bunch of us watched Nightmere Before Christmas and Rocky Horror while it rained ash in Fountain Valley. Got home, at about one just in time to catch Tyler and hang out with him and Katy. Was awoken Sunday morning by my mom, we were supposed to go to the museum and she forgot to reset her clocks. Had to blow her off in favor of sleep, I felt bad coz of the shitty way I treated her last time she took me anywhere. That night me, Tyler and Katy all saw Midsummernight’s Dream in Glendale, then we saw Kill Bill (Quentin Tarantino will be having my fucking babies), and then watched a movie about necrofilia called Kissed on cable. Got back to the dorm a little before one, tried to study, but collapsed instead.