Best Week Ever

There is one week in July that is always the best fucking week of the whole damn year, fuck Christmas and Halloween put together, this is what I live for!!!

You see, for the past 5 years, I’ve been on a planning committee for a non-profit weekend conference for 300 kids with alcoholic parents, and every year the committee starts going into overdrive on the Monday before. We all pile into one house and work at a frantic pace, breathing only cigarette smoke and ingesting only caffeine. This is called reg week, and this year I am reg, so I got loads of crap to do. I love this, because it is so stressful, and so chaotic, and my stomach is always in knots, like I’m going to go get something pierced, for a whole fucking week, and there’s nothing else more fun in the world. This is where I feel alive, because shit is counting on me, and that’s soo fucking chill.

Anyway, to top off the chaos, this year I’m spending the weekend before reg week at another conference where I’m not on committee, so I get to stay up all night and dick around (as opposed to staying up all night and keeping watch when I’m on committee). Plus, my co (who is supposed to be helping me) just got a job so she wont be coming at all, and I can actually feel my blood pressure rising, and it’s great. SCAC is starting, and it’s the best feeling in the world. BRING ON THE STRESS!!!

2 Replies to “Best Week Ever

  1. This made me so ridiculously happy to read. I really don’t know why, but it may have to do with the fact that I feel exactly the same way when reg-week comes around… Well I guess not anymore.. But whatever. 🙂

    1. Everything hits a fever pitch at reg week. It’s unlike anything else. Probably because if anything else was like reg week, people would die.

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