Best of Twitter: Thanksgiving 2013

This is late because I spent most of the day in bed. I was worried I might be getting sick. But I’m awake and publishing this bastard just for you.

“I hope I cry.” SMH

Bitch, if you wanna cry, go ahead and cry.

Is it weird that I hope it’s in regard to the likelihood of anal sex going well after dinner?

For those who don’t know, Alec Mapa has a husband with whom he has a 7 year old son. It’s gone way beyond roommates.

You poor thing. That must be so hard for you. 😐

There is absolutely no context. I searched her twitter feed, this is a completely isolated tweet about watching some poor bastard bleed out on Thanksgiving.

Adult babies need turkey too.

I don’t know who Michael is, and I’m not even going to try and find out.

This is here for the sheer quaintness of it all.

Thank you, white girl.


24/7 D/s relationship.


Reminds me of Coolio

What are friends for?