Believer Grammy Rage Hall of Fame

I’ll admit, I was looking for something quick to throw up here tonight. I’ve been especially busy lately (I know, me saying I’m busy is like Bush keeping the terror alert on orange for three months and then expecting everybody to wake up Orange-level terrified every one of those 90 interminable days. Innefective) But really, it’s been busier than usual.

Anyway, while I was looking for something fast, I saw the word Grammy trending on twitter, and headed over to check it out. Apparently, America’s adorable Canadian love puppet, Justin Beiber was not nominated for a Grammy this year. Tragedy, I know. As you can imagine, his fans were out in force.


Here’s to hoping you live someplace I hate.

[UPDATE: The reason the tweet looks like this and has no image is because it got deleted. The picture was of a floor full of automatic weapons. ]

I know, it’s not about the Biebs, but for real. Rape, war, famine and Ann Coulter weren’t proof of man’s inhumanity to man, but this tipped the scales for you?

This is the image she links to

Hey, I work really hard, where’s my Grammy?

Yeah, think of all the Michael Jackson-type stuff he has yet to achieve. I, for one, am completely interested in this.

Worse at what?

Killing terrorists and breathing under water, probably.

This guy’s here because he has the honored position of being a grown ass man tweeting about Justin Bieber.

Then again, I’m blogging about him, but I have a commitment to excellence that I’m trying to uphold over here. If by excellence, you mean hot shit daily. Because that’s really what this is right now. You know that, right?